Summer Jobs!

April 22, 2013

Huronia Museum is now accepting applications for summer staff. We are looking for college or university students who would like to spend the summer as camp counsellors or heritage interpreters. Previous experience is an asset. Coming from and returning to school is a must.
If you are interested you can drop off a resume at Huronia Museum or email it to education@huroniamuseum.comHuronia Museum Logo


More Peas

August 5, 2009

Obviously I am not the world’s best blogger.  I get busy and forget and a lot of the things I do in the course of the day just aren’t that thrilling.  Lately there has been a lot of paperwork.  But, since there is no rule that says I have to be directly involved in everything I blog about I find that I do have plenty of material.  For now I will introduce the last of the new peas in our pod so that everyone is present and accounted for.

P7310066First is Nicole Mailloux joined us in the last week of June.  She goes to  at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo and has a double major in english and history.

P7220007Hillary Smith is an MSS student returning for her second year at Huronia Museum.  Tara B. is a Penetanguishene Secondary School student who is with us for the first time this summer.

All of our peas are very busy this summer greeting visitors, looking after our day campers, giving tours and answering questions.  They are all very nice, enthusiastic people who are anxious to help, so please come and visit us and give them a chance to share their newly acquired knowledge.  They all wear blue t-shirts so they are easy to spot.

Heritage Interpretive Staff 2009

June 5, 2009

Heritage Interpretive Staff 2009

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Meet the Heritage Interpretive Staff for Huronia Museum’s 2009 summer season. All three are new to us this year but are already showing great enthusiasm and initiative.
Megan Murray is a DSW student who has been involved with us in the past as a assistant to one of our regular campers. This year she will divide her time between Heritage Interpretation and assisting Dustin and Nicole with the Summer Jam Camp.
James Vandal is a forensic science student at Trent University. He has an interest in history as is very eager to learn.
Katelyn Lesperance attends the University of Ottawa. She has been with us for several weeks and has met every challenge that we have thrown at her so far. Both she and James are fluently bi-lingual in French and English which mean that we are able to offer all of our services in both official languages. I am sure that all of our French speaking visitors will appreciate their help this summer.
So welcome to them.Looking forward to a great summer.