Deserving Kids Camp

As many people already know, every year Huronia Museum does fundraising within the community to provide funds for our Deserving Kids program.  This program pays for free camp spaces for children in the community who might not otherwise have to opportunity to attend a summer camp.  We reserve 2 spaces each week and work with local children’s organizations to fill them.  It has been a fantastic arrangement for,well at least the last decade.  I don’t remember a time when we didn’t offer this program.

We are all proud to be able to offer this to the community and plan to continue long into the future, but that isn’t possible without the generous support of museum and community members.  This year we are still a little short on our fundraising efforts and are asking people to please support this worthwhile initiative.  You can make a small donation of $20, which covers the cost of 1 day of camp or as much as $100 to cover the cost of an entire week of camp for a child.  Anything that you can afford to give will be much appreciated by both the museum and the children who come to camp.

If you would like to make a donation just download our Deserving Kids form and return it to the museum, either in person or by mail.  Any support you are able to give is wonderful and will be put to very good use.  Thank you.

If you are a parent please note that Huronia Museum is in no way involved in the selection process for the Deserving Kids.  We simply fundraise and provide the space.  We never pick the children or recommend the children.  That is left to the organizations we work with.


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