Another successful Easter event

Easter came and went and along with it our Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt.  We took all the lessons we learned last year and turned them into a well oiled event.  There were lots of kids sneaking through the museum looking for their eggs, tons of entries to the colouring contest and lots of donations to the food bank.

The success of this years event was due in large part to the assistance of the Midland Lions club and its members.  Their generousity and enthusiasm are boundless and their support is invaluable.  Not only do they make a financial contribution to the event but there were also 6 of their members in attendance.  They handled the admissions, welcoming everyone as they arrived, collecting food donation and just generally putting everyone at ease.  There is not enough I can say to express my gratitude because without them, we would literally not be able to run this event.

The other group that made a huge difference this year were our local Katimavik volunteers.  We were fortunate enough to have all 10 of them join us for the hunt and they were a tremendous help.  Their presence meant that there were volunteers stationed inside our darkened gallery making sure that everyone was kept safe, we had three volunteers dedicated solely to redistributing eggs once they had been returned and some who kept an eye on our colouring contest making sure that everyone had what they needed and that the entries made it to the drop box.

To say thank you to these two dedicated groups doesn’t see like enough but we are very grateful for all their assistance and are so glad that they chose to be a part of this event

So now we will regroup, replan and start looking for ways to improve again on next years’ hunt!


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