NEW – Huronia Museum Outreach Programs

Students perform The Three Sisters pageant during the Aboriginal People's outreach program.

Today’s high cost of busing has meant that many schools now find it increasingly challenging to budget for extra activities that are crucial to providing a balanced education.  Beginning this spring, Huronia Museum is reaching out to schools.

Our new Outreach initiative aims to deliver our popular education programs directly to classrooms.  Students will experience curriculum-based activities in an entertaining, hands-on fashion, all from the comfort of their own classroom.  And because we come to them, there are no expensive bus fees to worry about.

Teachers may choose one of our five programs for only $7 per student and add a second for only $6 per student (plus a small mileage fee).

Aboriginal Peoples (Grade 6 curriculum)
Students will learn about pre-contact Ouendat society in an entertaining, hands-on environment right in your own classroom. See Ouendat artifacts, get involved in a Three Sisters play and make your own clay Oki to take home!

Pioneer Life (Grade 3 curriculum)
Take a journey to the New World! Let us guide your students as they take on the role of early Canadian settlers. Take a trip across the Atlantic, get hands on with pioneer artifacts, and haggle with your classmates for the tools you’ll need to survive in this new, challenging land.

Ouendat Encampment
This program will focus on the skills necessary to survive during an extended hunting/fishing trip.  Learn how to start a fire, how to make your own rope, and how to brew your own mint tea. Also try your hand at a game of  lacrosse.

Hear the legend of the Giant Spider and learn the importance of dreams, then try your hand at making a Dreamcatcher of your very own!

Dance Dance Evolution
Explore history by learning four different styles of dance. For each dance taught, students will learn about the corresponding time period and how the art of dance is influenced by culture.

We can accommodate groups from 15 to 70 students. Each program lasts approximately one and a half hours, but can be adapted to fit any time  frame.  For larger groups we may have to schedule morning and afternoon sessions.

For more information, or to make a booking, please contact our Education Coordinator Gillian Ross at 705-526-2844 or email us at

Huronia Museum is pleased to be able to provide Outreach programming with the assistance of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


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