Fun at the museum on Canada Day

Little Lake Park is always tons of fun on Canada Day and this year I would like to think that Huronia Museum was a big part of that.

As advertisement for our Summer Jam Day Camp our counsellors arranged a special children’s activity.  I had casually suggested that making Canada Day shirts with our campers might be a fun thing to do and Ashley Hern ran with the idea, making it bigger and better than anything I had imagined.  She wrote letters and made phone calls to local businesses asking them to sponsor the purchase of 100 t-shirts for kids to paint and each sponsor would get their logo on the back of the shirt along with the Summer Jam logo.The response was great and we were able to buy all 100 t-shirts with the funds, as well as the fabric paint!

Six year old Meaghan Gaynor getting started on her t-shirt

So on Canada Day, Ashley and Dustin were outside offering free t-shirts to decorate and were overwhelmed by the response.  They were so busy that the had to get extra help, add work table, and by 1:30 were completely out of shirts.  This turned out to be a fantastic idea that drew attention to our camp and gave kids a fun memento of their Canada Day in the park.

Sister Lauren hard at work on her own shirt

Thank you so much to Ashley and Dustin for all their hard work, and thank you to our very generous sponsors whose contributions were the only reason we were able to see the idea through.

*McDonald’s Restaurant

*TIM-BR Mart

*Boston Pizza

*Bank of Montreal

*Tom Smith Chevrolet

*Best Western     Highland Inn

*Mink Insurance Services Limited

Next Canada Day we will be back with something even better.


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