After School Programs

Just because our operating hours are from 9 to 5 every day doesn’t mean that we can’t accommodate after hours programs.  We often get cub and scout groups coming on weekends in the spring,  and we sometimes get brownie groups in the evening, all here working on their badges.

I have also had another group that has been coming for a number of years now.  This is the Bayview School Out There Club.  It is a school club that meets after school and focuses on outdoor activities.  They do things like skiing, winter and summer camping, rock wall climbing and they visit us.  They are great group of kids, always excited and enthusiastic.  They are there to have fun and learn some new tricks and seem to really appreciate the opportunity to take part in the program.  They are a joy to have.

Their most recent visit took place earlier this week on April 14. Originally they were to come last week, but after hearing the weather predictions it was decided that aluminum lacrosse sticks and thunderstorms might not be the best combination.  It didn’t storm after all, but better safe than sorry.  Instead they came on a beautiful sunny afternoon and we had a great time.

They cooked corn bread around the fire.  I am happy to say that no one lost any from their stick and most  even went back for seconds, an unusual occurrence with this activity.  The corn bread we have here is very plain tasting and not always popular with the kids who try it.

They also had an opportunity to work with bow drills and try to start a fire using friction as the Ouendat would have.  This is an activity that kids always enjoy and this group was no different.  They really took up the challenge and were determined to get a fire started.

They were a great bunch of kids and the their teacher’s enthusiasm for her work was pretty obvious.  Offering our programming to local schools as a part of their extra-curricular activities has been a great way to foster the interest of the kids and expose them to all that their local museum has to offer.


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