Fun Field Trips

One of the best things about Huronia Museum’s Summer Jam Day Camp, and there are many, is that every week the kids go on a field trip.  Sometimes it means a bus ride, other times it is just a walk, but the kids are always excited to go.

A couple of years ago our camp even got funding to buy special t-shirts.  They don’t wear them all the time, usually just for field trips, though on really busy days they have been known to wear them in the park.  These t-shirts were one of the best investments we ever made.  They are bring yellow with a cute camping picture on the front and the phrase “Life is great at Huronia Museum day camp”  and it is!  They are also a one size fits all type, so some kids are just wearing a t-shirt others have a yellow dress.  It is kind of like little kids playing hockey and all the jerseys are so long you can’t see their pants.

DSCN0913They are so much easier to spot this way.  It is especially nice when there are a lot of them.  Notice the boy in the distance of this photo.  He is a little way away from the main group, but you don’t have any trouble keeping an eye on him.  It is a lifesaver on days when they are playing on all the different pieces of equipment.

DSCN0970For trips they are great because they identify our kids as a group and where they are from.  I have had people mention seeing our kids walking around town on their way too and from various field trips.  It is also kind of a fun way of advertising the camp.  DSCN0973For trips where the kids might get dirty they, like the Wye Marsh, they are great.  They always end up wet and muddy, so when they get back to the museum, they can change back into their own shirts rather than being dirty for the rest of the day.

So the kids look cute, they advertise our camp, and moms and dads don’t have to wash out the dirt that accumulates in the course of a really good field trip.  It is a winning situation for everyone.


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