Things are HUMMing Right Along!

In June of this year Huronia Museum launched a new fundraising campaign called HUMM.  Huronia’s Ultimate Museum Makeover.  This idea came from one of our board members as a way of reaching out to the community to fundraise, without asking a great deal of any one individual.  In essence it is a penny drive.  There are buckets all over Huronia where people can drop their pennies and help support the museum.  All the funds raised will be put towards implementing changes to our current exhibit space, to update, modernize and reorganize the displays.

The response so far has been great.  We have had a number of the buckets come back full and get sent out again and a number of people coming in with their penny jars to make a donation.  I am very glad that I will not have to count all the pennies!  The other day we even P8050091had one of our campers come in with a jar of pennies.  Mark Cruden has been coming to our day camp for a number of years.  His family have also been kind supporters of the camp and other museum events.  It is such a great feeling when one of our campers does something like this.  To see that kind of generosity in children is wonderful and to know that they have such an attachment to the museum that they want to be involved is gratifying.  We love all our campers and it is nice to know that they feel the same.


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