Answering the call

Huronia Museum recently purchased a large amount of organic elm bark to be used in the eventual rebuilding of the longhouse.   When it was delivered there was a great deal more than orginally expected, far more than our single maintenance person could handle alone so we put an article in the newspaper asking for volunteers to help unload, clean and store it all.  The response has been overwhelming.

We have had volunteers of all kinds coming in to help out and as a result the project is just about finished.  It has been fantastic to see.  We even had an offer of help from our youngest ever volunteers.  P7310071Karley, Keegan and Brandon are 11, 9 and 13 respectively.  While we weren’t able to put them to work on the bark we did get there help with a few other things around the museum.  They were nice enough to give us 2 hours of their time on a Friday morning and plan to return.

It is so nice to see kids in the community giving up their free time to help out and become involved.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with this project as well as those who have done things for us in the past.  Without the dedication of community volunteers organizations like Huronia Museum would have a much harder time accomplishing all that they do.


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