The Unofficial Peas

Every summer Huronia Museum brings on a new batch of summer students to help us out through the busy tourist season.  In fact, our small staff usually doubles in size from June through August.

These students become the Unofficial Peas.  The Pod is a homebase of sorts.  A hub for all summer student activities.  Nahanni, our administrator and the other official Pea, and I interview, introduce and train these “baby peas” if you will.  Since these baby peas are such an important part of our summer operations I felt it was only right to dedicate a little blog space to them.  These guys work very hard throughout the summer delivering tours, running the day camp, keeping things tidy and handling the retail operations on the weekends.  Some of the jobs they do are not particularly exciting, but they do them and they do them well so I thought they deserved a little recognition. 

My last two posts were to introduce them, but throughout the summer I will do updates on some of the interesting project they are working on.


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