What is the Pod?

I thought it might be a good idea to explain to people exactly what the Pod is.

The Pod is the office at Huronia Museum in which I work.  It is a small square room roughly100 square feet.  It contains 4 medium sized desks, put together so it is more like 2 large L-shaped desk.  There is a bank of cupboards hung on one wall above a sink and counter with more cupboards below.  There are wall mounted shelves that hang in an L above each desk as well as two large Ikea cubby hole bookcases stacked one on top of the other for additional storage.  It gets topped off by the last bits of free space being taken up with one large and one small filing cabinet.  Needless to say it is a very full room and I am not alone in the Pod.  There are in fact two peas in this Pod.  At one time there were three but for that you have to exchange the bookcases for another desk.  Oh, and there are no windows in the Pod.

The peas in this particular Pod are the museum’s Administrator and Education Coordinator (that’s me).  Like all other positions in this small regional museum these positions wear many hats, sometimes changing them two or three times a day.  Like every other workspace in the museum, a great deal gets done in limited space.  We at Huronia Museum are experts at using space to its utmost.  From here programs are created and planned for, grant proposals are written, a newsletter is created, events are planned, and it is hub for all the general administrivia that goes along with operating a not-for-profit organization.  We are busy peas.

As a result the Pod is an industrious place.  Industry often produces waste.  img_3531

This is Nahanni’s desk.  Note:  two keyboards, two coffee cups and the pink princess penimg_3534.

This is my desk.  It doesn’t always look like this.  Sometimes it is worse.  Note:  the numerous post-its on the monitor and the small George Clooney postcard in the corner.

This is what is going on behind my desk.  Note: Complete Chaos!img_3524

So that is the Pod.  For all the mess and disorganization it is a happy and productive place.  And like the sign on the door says, This is where the magic happens!


2 Responses to What is the Pod?

  1. nahanniborn says:

    What’s going on in the pod?

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